Cut Crease | Tips & Tricks


Sooooo, as much as I love to experiment with makeup, I haven’t been much into newer techniques that are in trend. So, since I had a day where I didn’t need to go anywhere, I thought, why not try a natural cut-crease look?


Now, this can seem little intimidating to newer makeup users, as it’s definitely different than creating a smokey eye gradient effect. You want to see that difference between the crease and the lid, and you want it sharp, not blended.

*Tip* Get a spoon that matches your eye size. Match it up to your crease if you want an easier way to create that line. If you get into the lid, just use some concealer to keep the lines sharp.

Come find me on social media and let me see your cut crease looks!!

Makeup used on this look:

Crease: Swamp queen dogma mixed with Makeup Geek cocoa bear.

Lid: Swamp queen big baby

Eyeliner: Wet N Wild liquid eyeliner



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